180 Room

Project Description

We were the lead contractor for The 180 Room located at 11944 S. Strang Line Road in  Olathe, Kansas. The owners, who also own Joe’s Kansas City, decided that it was time to open a private dining and event space in order to offer a different experience for their customers. We provided pre-construction planning and consultation which took into consideration both design and construction components.

The owners had a very distinct look in mind for the project. They wanted the space to be upscale while also having a Western Oklahoma feel. In order to accomplish that aesthetic, we ordered a special stone for the bartop to that we preserved from beneath the soil in Oklahoma. We also used reclaimed wood to construct the bar shelf system and built it on location.

Even though finish selections were ongoing and changes had been made multiple times, this project posed no challenges and was completed on scheduled and on budget.

  • Location

    Olathe, KS

  • Client

    180 Room - http://www.the180room.com

  • The team at AB Bradley were sticklers for detail, which we greatly appreciated. They understood and respected our own company’s quality standards and held themselves to the same high standards while completing work on our behalf. They are partners in the best sense of the word, and we have come to trust and value their judgment. I am happy to recommend them without reservation.

    Jeff StehneyPresident of The 180 Room

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